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Are your skin biopsies interpreted by a qualified professional? The American Academy of Dermatology, the largest and most influential academy of dermatologists, recently emphasized the importance of skin diseases. They urge all patients to inquire about who’s reading their skin biopsies and not to be afraid to ask for a second opinion.

New SCMC physician members set to play a vital role in the soon to be constructed SCMC Comprehensive Cancer Center South Coast Medical Center is fortunate enough to have two board-certified dermapathologists in the Department of Pathology to help patients with the interpretation of their skin biopsies. Whether a dermatologist, family physician, or surgeon obtains your skin biopsies, you can be assured of its accurate and precise interpretation by one these expert Dermatopathologists.

What is a Dermatopathologist?

A Dermatopathologist is a pathologist who has undergone extensive subspecialty training in the microscopic diagnosis of skin diseases. They have completed an intensive five-year program in the microscopic diagnosis of all medical diseases. The Dermatopathologist will also spend an additional year in a Dermatopathology fellowship concentrating solely on the microscopic interpretation of skin diseases.

What is the role of Dermatopathology in the care of patients?

The Dermatopathologists provide dermatologists and patients with the most accurate and specific diagnosises possible. Our Dermatopathologists are experts in the microscopic evaluation of pigmented lesions such as nevi, known colloquially as moles, as well as atypical nevi and melanoma.

What is involved in reviewing my skin biopsy?

We take each biopsy and carefully prepare a glass slide containing a section of your tissue, a “snapshot”, and examine it under a microscope. We consider your biopsy to be an important component of your history. It is our goal to extract as much information as possible from your biopsy to accurately tell your “story” and then correlate it with your clinical history in order to arrive at a meaningful diagnosis.

Dermatopathology Services at South Coast Medical Center:
  • Serve dermatologists, physicians, and patients
  • Provide expertise in pigmented lesions such as moles and melanomas
  • Offer preoperative skin biopsy review
  • Offer second opinions on biopsies, usually covered by insurance
  • Accept most insurances, including Monarch Health Care
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