What is Pathology?

Literally, pathology is the study (logos) of suffering (pathos). As a science, pathology focuses on the structural and functional consequences of disease on the human body. Traditionally, pathology is divided into two categories, clinical and anatomic. Clinical pathology is involved in blood banking, hematology, chemistry, and microbiology. Anatomic pathology encompasses the microscopic interpretation of tissues. 

Who is a Pathologist?

A pathologist is a physician specialist who has had five years of postgraduate training in the field of laboratory medicine. In addition to overseeing the hospital laboratory, a pathologist will examine specimens obtained in physician offices and in surgery using light microscopes and other technologies.

Services to Physicians

Dermatopathology Services:
  • Expert microscopic interpretation of pigmented lesions such as moles and melanomas.
  • Preoperative skin biopsy review.
  • Intraoperative consultative service.
  • Second opinions on biopsies, usually covered by insurance.
  • Daily conference of on-staff board certified pathologists to review unusual cases.
Surgical Pathology Services:
  • Preoperative review of biopsies.
  • Intraoperative consultative service.
  • Second opinion of biopsies, usually covered by insurance.
  • Conference review of unusual cases by on-staff board certified pathologists.
Bone Marrow Consultation:
  • We perform bone marrow biopsies at Mission Surgery Center.
  • We routinely apply conscious sedation techniques with medication to help make the procedure more tolerable and alleviate any discomfort during the procedure.
Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Staining:
  • With this staining technique, the pathologist is better able to rule out or confirm specific conditions.
  • A 'bill to facility' arrangement for IHC service is available. Please contact Christina Pike at (949) 364-7710 for more information.
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