What is Dermatopathology ?

Dermatopathology is the study of the causes and nature of skin diseases. It is a subspecialty of anatomical pathology specializing in the microscopic interpretation of skin disease including inflammatory dermatosis, skin cancer, moles, atypical moles, and melanomas.

The American Academy of Dermatology, the largest and most influential academy of dermatologists who treat skin disease, recently emphasized the importance of using Dermatopathologists for the accurate interpretation of skin diseases.

Dermatopathologists are physicians who after completing their training in either dermatology or pathology pursued additional training in accredited programs for the interpretation of skin biopsies. These physicians integrate the clinical information with microscopic observations of the patientís biopsy to provide diagnostic information to the treating physician. Dermatopathology is a consultative service to the referring dermatologist and is not simply another laboratory test.

Laguna Dermatopathology, a division of Laguna Pathology Medical Group, and an affiliate of South Coast Comprehensive Cancer Center, provides services to dermatologists, physicians, and patients. To learn more, please go to Skin Biopsy Interpretation.
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